Welcome to The Roundtable Family Office Network

You likely already work with a financial advisor who manages your investments. You probably also work with an accountant to help with your taxes and an attorney to assist in legal matters. However, as your wealth grows, this approach may no longer be enough to address the increasing complexity of your financial affairs. You may miss crucial opportunities for maximizing your wealth.

The Roundtable Family Office Network can help. We bring together some of the top financial specialists in the United States and closely coordinate their efforts as they identify and implement strategies for achieving your key goals. The result? You receive customized, comprehensive, superior services delivered with a highly coordinated approach.

Range of services

The Roundtable Family Office Network offers services to help you effectively address your most complex financial issues as well as the services you need to support your preferred lifestyle.

  • Advanced planning services. We address key issues in the areas of tax mitigation, wealth protection, wealth transfer and charitable planning. (Please note that you must have at least $25 million in investable assets to access our advanced planning services.)
  • Lifestyle services. Health and human longevity programs, concierge health care, luxury concierge care and expertise in family security—the Roundtable Family Office Network offers these services and more.

Accessing the network

Your financial advisor must be a member of the Roundtable Family Office Network and access the network on your behalf. He or she will continue to be your primary point of contact as the specialists in the network design and implement solutions for you.

Simply ask your financial advisor if he or she is a member of the Roundtable Family Office Network. If your current financial advisor is not a member, we would be happy to provide you with an introduction to an advisor who is. We would do this through our sister company, Financial Advisor Select. Financial Advisor Select has just one mission: to help successful families make informed financial decisions by introducing them to top financial advisors in their communities*.

* Financial Advisor Select is compensated for referrals and as a result of common ownership with CEG Worldwide, a conflict of interest exists.